A cap is a permanent cover that is placed over a tooth to hide any disfigurement. As a cap envelops the entire visible tooth over the gum line, it is highly effective in accentuating the appearance and restoring the strength, size and shape of a tooth.

When are Caps required?
The need for getting caps or dental crowns varies between adults and children. Here is a list of reasons why adults may require caps:

  1. For a cosmetic modification
  2. For encasing a dental implant
  3. For covering a discoloured tooth
  4. For holding a dental bridge in position
  5. For restoring a decayed or broken tooth
  6. For protecting a cracked or weak tooth
  7. For supporting a tooth with large filling

Here is a list of reasons why children may require caps:

  1. For securing a tooth that is running a risk of getting decayed
  2. For saving a decayed tooth that is beyond the scope of filling

Types of Caps
After consulting with the dentist, you can choose from 4 types of caps or dental crowns:

  1. Metallic caps
    Metallic caps are constructed entirely of metal and are durable. Owing to the fact that metallic caps do not have aesthetic appeal, it is chosen when cosmetic appearance is not much of a concern.
  2. Porcelain-fused-to-metal caps
    PFM caps are a great choice for both front and back teeth as they have reasonable strength as well as highly aesthetic . Next to all ceramic caps, porcelain-fused-to-metal caps (or PFM caps) have a colour that closely resembles the natural colour of teeth.
  3. All Ceramic caps
    All Ceramic caps are ideal for front teeth as they have the best natural colour among all cap types. All Ceramic Caps are:
  • Highly aesthetic therefore ideal for front teeth
  • Made entirely of is porcelain
  • Available in different varieties

Manufacturing companies give warranty of five, ten and fifteen years, depending on the variety used.

4.Zirconia caps
Zirconia caps are white metal cap and are harder than the natural teeth. These caps can last for a longer period of time but might cause fast wearing of the opposite teeth. These are best suited for the back teeth and are less aesthetic.

5.Porcelain fused Zirconia
Also called PFZ, Porcelain fused Zirconia has a core of Zirconia and coating of porcelain. It is durable and aesthetic and are best for back teeth.