Full mouth rehabilitation (Through MIAT)

Full mouth rehabilitation is a popular dental treatment procedure that rebuilds and restores each and every tooth in both lower and upper jaws. Full mouth rehabilitation is a complex and delicate process, and as a result, it requires dental specialists from various fields. Apart from oral surgeons, the treatment procedure requires orthodontists (who specialize in teeth movements and positions), periodontists (who specialize in gums), restorative dentists (who specialize in veneers, bridges and crowns), and endodontists (who specialize in teeth pulps).

Although old age is the most common reason behind getting a full mouth rehabilitation, there are also some recurrent factors like:

  • Teeth that are fractured or injured.
  • Teeth that are lost due to trauma or decay.
  • Muscle and jaw pain or severe headache while biting.
  • Teeth that are worn out due to tooth grinding or long-term erosion.

Consult a dentist for a comprehensive mouth examination. Once the exam is complete, the dentist will be able to assess the severity of the damage and plan the proper treatment options needed to correct the anomalies.

What is Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Technique (MIAT)?
Contemporary dentistry revolves a lot around the concept of aesthetics. This is because people are growing keener on improving the overall appearance of their mouth in the most simple, patient-friendly and minimally-invasive ways. MIAT or Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Technique, therefore, is a holistic approach used to treat dental defects based on the aesthetic desires of a patient by adopting methods that lower the compromise of the structural integrity of teeth.

Here are the 3 fundamental principles of a dentist who conducts MIAT:

  1. Embracing a do-no-harm strategy during the treatment by preserving the health of the oral tissues as much as possible.
  2. Exercising a sooner-the-better approach while fixing the defects to avoid invasive treatments in future.
  3. Encouraging a keep-in-touch relationship to ease the maintenance and evaluation processes after the aesthetic work performed.

Benefits of MIAT
1.Elevating trust and enhancing a professional image.
2.Promoting overall health and functionality of the oral tissues.
3.Achieving aesthetic results while preserving sound teeth structures.

Full mouth rehabilitation with MIAT at Dontia
At Dontia Dental Care, we fully comprehend the need for full mouth rehabilitation using minimally invasive techniques without compromising on the aesthetic aspects. In fact, Dontia Dental Care is the only dental centre in Kolkata that has adopted the MIAT approach for its patients.