Replacement Of Missing Teeth

Healthy teeth do not only make a person look elegant and attractive in pictures. Teeth play a major role in overall nutrition, general health and digestion. Regular dental care is thus important for maintaining the teeth.
Unfortunately, millions of people all over the world, due to unhealthy dental hygiene or natural aging process, suffer from early loss of permanent teeth!

Key Reasons to Replace Missing Permanent Teeth

  1. Restoring the posterior tooth helps to maintain the chewing function.
  2. When missing teeth are not replaced, it may lead to a chain of damage over a period of time and can eventually result in bone loss, periodontal disease and loss of remaining teeth.
  3. Teeth do not stand alone; they are the part of an integrated and complex system and every single tooth ensures that the remaining teeth stay aligned helping in correct chewing of foods, which aids in digestion.
  4. When a missing teeth is not replaced, other teeth tend to change the position.
  5. In case of tooth loss on the lower jaw, for instance, the upper tooth that relied upon its opposing force will eventually grow down and loosen without the contact of the tooth that is missing.
  6. The adjacent teeth will also move and shift to fill the gap created by the lost tooth, thus affecting the bite and potentially causing misalignment.
  7. Tooth loss can also bring change in facial structure, making people look older. Hence, the appearance of the smile can be preserved by replacing the missing anterior teeth.

Options available for Missing Tooth Replacement
Missing tooth replacement have two options- Removable Denture and Fixed Denture. Removable Dentures can be full dentures where all the teeth are replaced by artificial set of teeth. In Partial Dentures, a single tooth or a few teeth are replaced. Fixed dentures include Crown or Bridges or Dental Implant treatment.

At Dontia Dental Care, we offer a wide range of solutions for missing permanent teeth. Be it through crowns and bridges or dental implants, we find the right replacement solutions for missing permanent teeth. We have specially appointed counsellors to guide you through the process of making an informed choice on the right replacement solutions for missing teeth.