Scaling is a very popular method of cleaning, followed by polishing the teeth very thoroughly. This process is efficient in cleaning the teeth by removing the hard layer of external stains and tartar (caused by wine, cigarettes, tea and coffee) that does not go away simply with regular brushing.

Scaling is also a common and highly effective painless treatment procedure that treats gum diseases by eliminating plaque/calculus deposits and removing yellow spots along and below the gum line. Plaque is a bacteria-filled layer that is normally found in the cervical margins, and can cause tooth decay and gum diseases over time. Plaque is soft and can be cleaned by proper brushing and flossing. Calcified Plaque is Calculus which needs scaling for removal. Therefore, dentists or periodontists opt for dental scaling to save teeth and gums from getting affected by bacterial plaque biofilm and Calculus.

Types of Scaling
There are two types of dental scaling. However, dentists or periodontists can use both these types at the same time. Here are the follows:

  1. Ultrasonic Scaling:In this process, dentists or periodontists use hand-held scaling instruments with a vibrating metal tip to chip off the layer of plaque and tartar. Once the layer is removed, a water spray is used to wash the area.
  2. Deep Scaling:– this is done below the gums by Periodontists.

Benefits of Scaling
Here are some of the benefits of scaling:

  1. Annually and bi-annually scaling sessions are extremely useful in keeping the teeth and gums healthy. Moreover, scaling also makes it easier to clean the teeth at home.
  2. Scaling is a complete painless treatment.
  3. Scaling is a less expensive treatment procedure
  4. Frequent scaling sessions prevent bleeding gums and bad breath.

Why Should You Come To Us?
Although scaling is a simple procedure, it requires expert dentists or periodontists to perform the treatment. At Dontia Dental Care, we have the best panel of dentists at office. Moreover, we take special attention to ensure that your teeth and gums stay at proper health after the scaling procedure. After the treatment is complete, our dentists guide patients and give them oral tips that promotes the overall oral hygiene.