Tooth Whitening

Our teeth lose its natural colour every day. A thin coating forms on the enamel and keeps on picking up stains. Moreover, our over-dependence on medication, caffeine and nicotine to sustain a fast-paced lifestyle leads to enhance the process of discolouration. Discolouration can also happen due to old age or a hereditary cause.

This is the reason why tooth whitening has become the most sought-after cosmetic dental process in recent times. While some prefer to bleach their teeth to remove stains, others just do it to achieve a whiter shade.

Benefits of Tooth Whitening or Bleaching

  1. Enhancing Appearance:Tooth whitening or bleaching is a lot simpler than a wardrobe makeover. It is a perfect way of enhancing the appearance of a face. This consequently boosts up a feel-good factor and self-confidence.
  2. Improving Attractiveness:When someone has whiter teeth, he or she tends to smile more often without feeling too self-conscious. A whiter smile makes a person look more energetic and youthful than usual. Moreover, whiter teeth sends out vibes of a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Cost Effectiveness:The need to bleach teeth does not imply any disorder. As a result, the tooth whitening procedure is a fast and extremely affordable option.

Types of Tooth Whitening or Bleaching
There are 2 types of tooth whitening or bleaching procedure: office-based bleaching and home-based bleaching. Both these types use a peroxide agent to bleach the teeth. But office-based bleaching takes shorter time to perform due to the high rate of peroxide in the solution than home-based bleaching.

Office-based Bleaching
The solution used in office-based bleaching has a high peroxide rate. This speeds up the process, and is usually completed in a couple of 30-60 minutes of visit to the dentist. The dentist may also choose to speed up the process using the combination of light and heat. This is often termed as Laser Bleachingor Instant Bleaching.

Laser Bleaching Laser bleaching is the convenient process of brightening your smile almost instantly by 5-10 shades. The type of laser used will be selected by the dentist. The laser activates the chemicals placed on the teeth. The light emitted from the laser speeds up the chemical reaction and color change is attained. Fluoride treatment on teeth is applied once the process in complete. This strengthens your teeth and leaves a lustrous shimmer in its wake.


  • Fast working time
  • Higher concentration of bleaching gel used
  • Done under the supervision of the dentist

Home-based Bleaching
Home-based bleaching does not require going to the office of a dentist. As advised and prescribed by your dentist, you can buy bleaching products like tooth-whitening toothpastes, tray-based whitening agents, and tooth-whitening strips and gels. But due to the low count of peroxide in these products, home-based bleaching results in teeth getting 2 to 3 shades brighter.


  • Slow working time
  • Low concentration of bleaching gel used
  • Safe to use at home

Tooth Whitening at Dontia Dental Care
At Dontia Dental Care, we usually combine both office-based and home-based bleaching procedures.

You can choose to contact us for a office-based bleaching procedure, and set up an appointment with one of our dentists. He will examine your teeth and decide on the degree of whitening treatment. The number of sittings needed for your teeth will be suggested by him.

You can also choose to opt for our home-based bleaching procedure. In this case, you will have to check with one of our dentists and he will prescribe you the required solutions and fix you a timetable.